This is not your ​average Playbook.

is your daily Personal Playbook to ​collect and curate the inspiration, guidance and ​wisdom that elevates your mindset.



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Taking time for oneself every day, some might call that selfish. We say ​own it!

This is your Personal Playbook for your mindset. Your tool kit to cope and ​grow. It’s unique to you. It gets you back to the best of You. Yes, it’s a good ​thing to take care of yourself. You’ll bring more of what you cherish and ​value to the world and those around you.



Individuals and companies are prioritizing wellness, personal development, and mental health.

Companies have extensive training meetings for their employees, speakers at kick off events, study groups, and ​monthly meetings so everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive.

But the challenge is—

How do you make it stick?

How do you remember the strategies that serve you well when you’re having a challenging day, month, or year?

This is precisely the WHY behind the Playbook approach.

Did you know?

Within 15 minutes

of waking up

we consume as much information on our phones

as we did

in one week 50 years ago.

Source: Dr. David Rabin, MD, PhD,

neuroscientist, board-certified psychiatrist

This impacts our

Peace of mind






What if you could

Quiet the ​noise

Shift your ​focus

Reconnect ​yourself


Your own Playbook to shift your mindset and remind you of the strategies that help get you back on track.

What goes in your Playbook?

  • Past achievements to remind you that you can do hard things
  • Your character strengths and the values you strive to live by
  • Advice from mentors, coaches, or therapists
  • Skills you want to sharpen
  • Daily Wins and long-term Goals
  • Takeaways from books, podcasts, and lectures
  • People you admire
  • What you’re grateful for
  • What brings you joy
  • Your Life Philosophy
  • All that helps you heal, grow, and thrive


The Workbook

“This book will help people, I am ​certain of that!”

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC News Chief Medical ​Correspondent and co-host of GMA3

An interactive workbook to work on the project of YOU.

With eight self-reflection exercises, accompanied by stories ​and examples, you will be guided through a journey of self-​discovery and create your own Playbook.


not selfish


of proceeds

go to

Give an Hour® is a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming mental ​health by building strong and healthy individuals and communities. We provide ​no-cost counseling through a network of volunteer mental health professionals ​and empower community through collaborative programs, peer support and ​educational opportunities that benefit both clients and providers. Our efforts ​focus on people impacted by military service, mass violence, the opioid ​epidemic, and interpersonal violence.

The App

Collect and curate

insights and guidance

in one place.

For Individuals

Bring strength and endurance to your mental fitness. ​Create Playbooks for all aspects of your life. Your ​Playbook(s) will evolve and change as you continue ​to learn, grow, and transform.


Equip your employees with company Playbooks ​and give staying power to the training, education, ​and motivation you provide.


Empower your audience to remember your crucial ​message, and expand your reach to the SELF!SH​ community.​



About Us

SELF!SH was born out of the collective desire of individuals coming together to make a meaningful ​impact, all while juggling their full-time careers. Each member of this dedicated team, joined SELF!SH ​as a 'passion project', investing their time and energy to lend their expertise and help bring SELF!SH ​to life.

In 2018, actress Stephanie Szostak developed her Playbook as a tool to prevent valuable insights and ​guidance from getting lost or forgotten. Her personal Playbook not only consolidated and integrated ​knowledge but also helped boost her self-esteem in a career (acting) that surely does wonders for ​one’s confidence (not!).

In 2021, a phone call between Give an Hour and Stephanie laid the foundation for an extraordinary ​vision. The idea of a webinar series sparked during that conversation, later leading to the SELF!SH ​workbook, and the SELF!SH app. Give an Hour consultant, Nickie Silverstein, has played and ​continues to play a pivotal role in strategizing, coordinating collaborations, and outreach efforts.

In 2022, Stephanie connected with tech expert Kowsheek Mahmood, who enthusiastically joined ​forces after hearing the vision for the app. The concept deeply resonated with Kowsheek's mission to ​use technology to help people in their efforts to heal from trauma.

Finally in 2023, the vision came to fruition when Pam Long and John Nunziato of Little Big Brands ​joined the project. With their magic touch in naming, designing, and branding they brought the missing ​piece that tied it all together.......

"I hope your playbook

empowers you on a lifelong journey of

discovery, learning, and growth."




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